Are you Chasing Nostalgia or Should You Rather Avoid It?

Stranger Things is the melting pot of products, experiences and a past that certain demographic reminisces about. Nostalgia is most likely one of the main reasons of the series's success. 

No mobile phones to whip out when you're bored, no internet, the use of physical, printed maps to get where you want to go and being at a certain place at a certain time you confirmed with friends, or missing out on a specific event or moment. It was a period of film photography, dark rooms and music that we believe to be the best there ever was. No music sounds like that anymore. The city you grew up in probably has more rules now and you can remember when you were younger how you could do anything you wanted, and how that's not possible for the newer generations. 
This video argues that we shouldn't try to use nostalgia to evoke a 'better' past, but that we should focus on being inspired by ground breaking work, and that we should try to create it. Not by imitating the photographers of the past, but by rather using these creators' lives and passion as inspiration instead. 
Do you use VSCO cam's film grades, or do you try to get the film effect in Lightroom? I'm not saying it's wrong to do so, I use these apps and daily. But this video did make me think about why I do it and for what purpose I use certain tones of color. Are you chasing the imperfections of a bygone era and the latest trend, or are you creating something new and setting the trends?