Bike Lights Designed Differently

What I like most about these lights for your bike is the ease-of-use. At the moment, whenever I park my bike in the city, I have to loosen the rubber strap to get the lights off the front and back, and then put them back on up again once I need to go again. It’s a hassle, but I think lights are a commodity that can often be taken from you without your consent, and to prevent this, it’s just better to do so, even if a hassle.
But, I think magnetic lights are a much better idea. When comparing the Copenhagen lights to mine now, my current lights don’t look nearly as good as these do, and I think the design and execution of the Copenhagen Parts lights are absolutely superb. It’s simple, aesthetically pleasing, and does what it’s made to do.

Where I think they could improve

The technology and longevity of and within batteries have greatly improved over the past couple of years, and it doesn’t seem as though they are using rechargeable batteries with these. It could’ve been so good to have a small charger that you could plug into a USB-C socket to charge via your laptop, iPad or wall plug. I think this is a miss from the company. I don’t have a pair, but I think it could be an update to the current model.