Business English Daily

For someone who is passionate about photography, it’s quite a blow once you see your other Instagram profile grow so fast. It’s surpassed my photography profile last year, and this has made me consider what I should spend my time on. It is true that Instagram prefers daily posts like I did with the Business English Daily profile, instead of infrequent posts like that of my photography profile, but I’m not going to use that as an excuse or as a response to the quality of my photography if it ever was a question.

What is certain is that there is no need for more photography. There are photographers much better than I that could show the world what clients want to show, and I’ll stick to the documentation of events on the street. I like the candid expressions, and looking at photos of the past, especially in city-life scenarios. I hope I can give the future generations the pleasure of looking at places and how they differ then from now.
What I have noticed, is the definite need for Business English Training, brought to people in a way that they can consume and digest in their own time and without any pressure. 
This makes Instagram carousels perfect for teaching, and, it’s also great for the algorithm. If people use your carousel right to the end, it  You are able to provide slides of information, which someone can go through and learn from. 
What I see as my differentiator, is the fact that I think design is crucial, and that the user-experience is directly linked to it throughout the learning journey. The design has to follow and accompany the learning in the best way forward. And if it’s done successfully, the viewer shouldn’t even notice the design.
I’ve learnt from guys like Chris Do from The FUTUR, and some other designers who also coach others.