On The Wings of an Angell

Electric bikes are a commodity at the moment, but not a lot of the brands get the design and usability aspect right. Instead of focussing on only the features, Angell can form part of your lifestyle and add a luxurious element to your daily commute. 
You can fly dry, which lets the bike know you don’t want to sweat it, or you can choose any of the other 4 options to get to where you need to be. It syncs with your phone, so navigation, location and general information is easily accessed through the screen on the bike. 
It seems like the battery is removable, which is superb. It means you can park the bike in your courtyard and charge the battery in your apartment or home. 

It even notices when you’ve fallen, and does what it can to call for help, and it makes sure you keep your eyes on the road by having a vibrating cock-pit. It’s even got breaking lights, which is of the first I’ve seen, and is great for letting others know what you’re up to. 
It also has a motion detector, so you get notified if someone tries to take it without your permission, and it’s got a lock built-in.
This bike seems to do it all, and it’s not that expensive compared to other bikes in the same category. 
It’s true that you could buy a cheap scooter for the same amount of money, but in cities, bikes are faster, have separate lanes and is the more eco-friendly and healthier option for sure. 
Check out their site and order yours now