The Difference Design Makes

How cool would it be if they could take all the classic shapes of cars of the past and remodel them with electric motors? This is what I thought about over the years when Tesla first started launching their vehicles.
I initially thought it would be an American car, like the Mustang or the Dodge to do this for us, but I am very impressed to see that it’s actually Peugeot who took it upon themselves to design an incredible car. The Peugeot e-LEGEND is reminiscent of the cars of the 60s and 70s, but it’s got all the trimmings to take us into the next decade and beyond. 
I am not too concerned about having the car drive itself. I drive because I like driving. It’s actually an expense I see as part of my hobby. Living in Paris with a car can only be seen as stupid if you have a car for any other reason.
The colour of the seats are great. The design of the steering wheel is sporty. The lights in the front and back look futuristic but use the design of the Peugeot 504 as reference.
My favourite part of the car is the silhouette. It’s absolutely stunning. The relationships all around, with small details to accentuate the idea of power and fun are what got me dreaming.
Now it’s just for the countries to change all their laws to make it possible to actually buy and own one of these. I urge them not to take too long.
You can check out some more videos by going to their site.