How To Manage Your Design Library

I used to have a lot of assets I use for design in my library on my Mac. It was divided up using folders, and I would go through the relevant folders and files depending on the project I was working on. But, pressing spacebar to quick-view each file got a bit tedious, and it became more and more common for me not to find what I was looking for. Spotlight is good, but with a spelling mistake it leaves you with breadcrumbs. Google’s search functions are much better, but it makes sense, they are a search engine at heart.
So, I was looking for a file manager that I could use, that would let me add and assign multiple tags, while also being able to separate all the files using albums or folders. I found one, and it hasn’t done me wrong since.
Eagle is an desktop app that you can use to categorise your files. What I think is superb, is that I can drag over an audio file and the audio would actually play. This instantly tells me whether the file could work for the project or not, and I don’t have to go through several subfolders to actually build a collection of possible solutions. It’s all there. 
You can search by tag, colour or image ratio. And, it has an extension you can install in either Chrome, Edge or Firefox that lets you save images right from the browser, with automatic tagging in place.

What I think they can improve on:
You cannot drag a file from the desktop into the app. You have to launch or open the app window first and drag it in that way. This is annoying, but it’s not a dealbreaker by any means. 
I would also like to be able to right-click on the file and select an app I want to use the file in like Photoshop or Audition, because for now you have to drag the file to the desktop and then drag it into the app of choice. It does keep the original master file untouched though, so I guess this would be nice, but not a necessity. 
It’s a one-off purchase, and when you buy it, you’re doing the same as many companies have done. Allibaba, Tencent, Amazon, DJI and others are using it. So it’s got credibility.
Get the app here.