How To Study Motion Graphics Design

If you’re interested in graphic design, or have been working in the industry to become a significant hand at the art and want to start developing motion graphics skills, these online educators will be able to give you that savoir faire that you crave.

School of Motion

It’s the most expensive one, so let’s just get that out of the way. The course also starts at a specific time, so you can’t start and continue as you’d like. You’re going to have to fit it into your daily schedule, and from the reviews I’ve watched, it’s quite intense. It’s the course that gives you an online video course, but with a real-life mentor giving you advice on how to improve on every draft of your project. have several courses, and will depend on your needs and level. At the end of these courses, you will have a great looking portfolio to showcase your newly acquired skills, based on real briefs in the industry.

Motion Science

This course is more like a regular video-based training, and instead of building a portfolio as such, it’ll give you certain skills that advances your After Effects knowledge overall. It’ll give you some expressions to use, give you shortcuts and better, faster ways to achieve a complex composition’s motion graphic style. It’s also more focused on creating professional movie trailers, which is different to an explainer style video.
Below you’ll see the courses I have chosen to start.

Motion Design School

This school has some free courses to give you an idea of what to expect with the paid ones. It’s up there with the School of Motion quality, but you don’t get the mentorship, and it’s seems to also be based on specific skills and how-to’s, and not about learning the software while building your portfolio, but that’s an impression of someone who hasn’t done the course. I tried to do one of the short free courses, but I was quite disappointed when started with the website animation. They wanted me to install the UI design software, which needed several plugins to actually have it exported to After Effects. This was strange, as I think Adobe XD, which is a free program for anyone to use, would’ve done a better job without needing to install the software. But, if you’re ok with Figma, installing the plugins and using them, you can surely do so. I assume that all their other UX / UI courses will use Figma too. When speaking to the customer care rep, they made me understand that it’s done with Figma because it’s the most-used software in the industry.

The Other Options

You can also subscribe to SkillshareUdacity or LinkedIn Learning  (The old Lyndia) and get a few months free. They have great courses to learn about a lot of different forms of art.