How To Use Video in Your Marketing Campaign

If you were ever interested in using video as a marketing tool, which you definitely are if you’re living in 2020, you can call yourself lucky. Envato, the place where a lot of creatives go to find inspiration, assets and media for their projects, have shared a Video Marketing Guide which is well designed, and intuitive to work through. 
It gives you checklists to make sure you’ve done everything needed to make your strategy a success, and how to calculate the cost of the video and the ROI when the video marketing strategy is being implemented. 
There are different types of videos for different types of strategies, and your goal would be to have a strategy and then to choose the correct kinds of videos for your strategy. These could range from Demonstration videos, Explainer videos, Human Interest videos, FAQ videos or videos instructing how to do something. 
It also discussed video trends, and lets you know what format you should use on the platform your research has identified as being hot. Should you be shooting vertical video, should it be live, or can it be the same format as that of a Youtube vlogger? Get all the answers in the guide.
Image by Thomas William on Unsplash