Learn Design Theory In A Graphic Way

This part of their website has the purpose of teaching design concepts and theory. And, to design the study material in a way that makes the information easy and a pleasure to process, it's a win-win. The education is on display. This is what ReadyMag Design Almanac is all about. ReadyMag is an online design tool which focusses on using design to communicate your message. And, they’re trying to show you how you can achieve great design by educating you about it. 
There are some well-known brands like Airbnb, Conde Nast, Esquire and Forbes, to name a few, using it. And the examples on the site is a celebration of design companies who use the platform to design their own company websites and sites for clients. 
In a nutshell, most items you touch and interact with on a daily basis are designed, and design will always be part of modern life. Most websites or magazines you browse through were laid-out and designed. Design as a profession is also always evolving and changing, which is what makes it such an interesting and creative industry to work in. 
This part of the website should give you a good idea whether design is something you should pursue or work towards.