Learn To Make Music One Beat at a Time

Ableton Live is an application you can use to make music. But, they also have a way for you to learn about song structures, how to make a beat, and how to add various instruments to create and develop a track or song. It goes through creating beats, how to use notes and scales, chords, bass lines, melodies and song structures. It has an advanced section too, and a place for you to play around in. It shows that what you need is to use it instead of reading about it, and that’s the best, modern way to learn anything in my opinion. 

Check it out here, and if you want to get into producing music, Ableton is quite a different way than other DAWs like Logic Pro or Reason, but once you get how it works, you’ll have  a lot of fun throwing loops together and feeling your way through where something could go. 
Check out the learning section on their website here.
What I really appreciate here is the work that went into designing this tool. It’s not needed, but Ableton shows how passionate they are about music production. They want to make it as easy as possible for you to do so if you just consider it as something you’d like to do.