Tech To Get Your Drink On Time

Standing in cues is the one thing I see as the thing we need to solve in the 20s. Although any time wasted is time you’ll never get back, but it’s the waste of time that you can’t justify. I mean, I can justify binge-watching a whole series. It’s fun to do. Standing in a cue, not so much. 
So, how can a bar make it easier for you to order a drink and get it in a fair way, without you having to physically standing in a cue?
By using facial recognition. Imagine the barman can see who’s face is next in line on a screen close to the counter. He can then see who’s next, and respond to the person physically. 
What other ways can we eliminate cues? If you could answer this, you’ll be solving some pressing issues that will only become more prevalent in the future.
Can this tech be used at coffee spots? Sure, and it maybe even restaurants. I can imagine it being a great feature at government offices and that it will replace the token/ticket issuing machines.
On the other hand, I am not always too comfortable with sharing my face with tech, but I suppose when I walk into a public or private space that is not mine, it’s going to be tracked with the conditioning and making us believe that it’s for our own safety and security. It’s all a little too Black Mirror-like for me.
I suppose when at a bar, all I care about is the good time, the people I’m with, and the drinks, but what am I giving away for using facial recognition. 
Lead image by Louis Hansel