The App to Learn a Language

Duolingo. There, you have it. It’s free, and has incorporated within all the modern and tested methods of learning a language. The app lets you use the language, instead of learning the theory. And we all know learning by doing is far more effective and quicker to fluency than learning the various tenses and conjugation of each. Don’t get me wrong, speaking correctly is the way to go, but we need to walk before we can run, and it’s necessary to form sentences first and learn the corrections and details later.

What they’ve recently added is a Podcast. This lets you listen to someone speaking the language you’re learning, and gives you descriptions in English so you can follow along if you don’t completely understand what’s being said yet. 
Another development within the app is a feature called Stories. This let’s you follow a story, and answer questions as you go along. We learn through stories, and the team at Duolingo know that people learn through stories. Give it a try, and remember to check in a few months time how far you’ve come. 
If you want to learn a language, get Duolingo.