Van Moof Might Have the Tesla of Bikes

Electric bikes have become a staple for any developing city and there are two main bikes worth taking a look at that would make you envy or even buy one. Paris would’ve added up to 3000km of bike lanes in the city by the time the first ball in the Rugby World Cup in 2023 is kicked to start the game. It’s all part of the grand Paris plan, which with the aim of growing and including the cities and towns (Eng: suburbs, Fr: Banleue) outside the periphery. So biking is the trend, and it seems as if we’ll soon give Amsterdam and the Nordic countries go with regards to the amount of people riding each day.
The current public transport strikes also help with motivating people to rather get a bike and try getting around in a different way, and it’s becoming a part of more people’s lifestyles and method of getting around.
What makes it even more appealing are the advancements of technologies concerning batteries and having them power bikes, and give us electric bikes.
The first luxury based electric bike  to note and also the most expensive one I’ve seen in this category, is the one by VANMOOF. The Electrified S2 bike is very well designed with a minimalistic approach and having everything a modern bike needs included in the frame.
The lights are included in a creative way, by being inserted in the horizontal bar of the bike. The little screen telling you how your battery is doing and how much further you can go until it’s just you pedalling without the assistance is also in and on this bar.
You can choose between two colours, and it’s got an anti theft insurance for an additional €100 per year. So they will get you your bike back, or replace it. This makes it a very good option, and makes you trust their technology.
What I don’t like about the bike:
The battery seems to be a part of the bike itself. This means that the bike will need to be carried up into your apartment to charge. It would be much better if the battery could be released somehow, to charge, and for the bike to remain outside during this time. 
I suppose the anti-theft mechanisms won’t work then, but it’s still a hassle. Maybe two batteries, one that stays in the bike, and another which charges it when it’s plugged into the bike.
Check for yourself to see if it will suit your lifestyle. It seems like a sweet ride for sure. I’ve never ridden one, but there is a smart store in Boulevard Beaumarchais in the centre of Paris. One thing is for sure, the design and manufacturing is superb. Another thing I appreciate is the fact that when sending out bikes, they do so in boxes with televisions printed on them. This makes the logistics teams work with it more gently than if it was a bike image or no image at all.