When In The Shower

A clock in the shower has been done and it helps those people who dose off early in the morning, or those who just like to travel in their own thoughts. We often forget that we’ve finished washing ourselves, and the water is just pouring down wastefully. It’s a meditative state of mind, a place where our mind wonders while it wanders.
It’s said that it’s one of the last places we have where we are not connected. This leads to our minds being able to drift off. During the day, these moments can almost be classified as being bored, or waiting, and it’s not as though they happen frequently. But in the shower, it’s the perfect space for new ideas, and new ways of putting two or more concepts together to find something completely new (This is creativity).
The idea I have is to create a clock with a recorder. If you want to record your idea, you must be able to press a button, and for it to record what you have to say, and sync it with an app on your phone or desktop. This means that no idea can ever escape, or feel not worthy of being analysed or criticised.
So yes, you will be connected in the shower now, but it’s only for sharing, and not consuming. It’s for you to get your ideas out there instead of feeding off other people’s ideas.
A lot of ideas can be captured this way.
Photo by Gracia Solenyanu on Unsplash