Why Do We Love Film Photography So Much?

It's not about film versus digital photography, image quality, or dynamic range. It's not about which medium gives the best color rendition or is the best in low-light scenarios. 
It's about the method, its tangibility, and using it as a method to disconnect, to be intentional with the picture you take, and to go through a process. To shoot and finish a film spool, develop, and scan the images takes longer than a two-hour Amazon or Uber Eats delivery in this fast-paced, modern world we're living in today. The infinite scroll of the social networks has caused anxiety and pressure.
Kodak is doing better in 2019 than it did in 2015, and it is forecasting an even better year this year than the last. Their marketing strategy was basically done for them when photographers started making YouTube videos about shooting film, and people started tuning in. These YouTubers now have subscribers of over 100,000 each, which is enough to make a living from if uploading continuously. And the subscriber rate is only growing, which shows there is surely an interest in this relatively unknown medium. 
It's not sure whether film photography will remain. The cameras aren't being produced anymore, and the development process isn't sustainable. Still, the film photographers are holding up the flag of longevity and hopefully not waving a white flag anytime soon.